Thursday, September 18, 2014

'Anti-gay activist: HRC is trying to get me killed!' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Scott Lively Says New HRC Report ​'Is Trying To Incite Murder Against Me' - Now now, Scotty. HRC's report merely tells the truth about your overseas activities to incite homophobia. Activities, I might point out that you have bragged about on numerous occasions. Lively even takes time to go into further drama queen mode on the Southern Poverty Law Center. I'm almost insulted that he didn't mention lgbt bloggers who made sure that his homophobic explosives went viral.
Adorable 4-year-old boy learns about gay marriage from his mom - It's sad that a four-year-old gets it better than supposedly Christian adults.  

This Is What Happens To Transgender Kids Who Delay Puberty - An important revelation which is needed to dispel the lies and ignorance about our transgender brothers and sisters. 

 Linda Harvey Warns Of 'Homosexual Sex Centers' For LGBT Youth; Wants Schools To Teach 'There's No Such Thing As A Gay Person' -Linda Harvey acting like a crazed homophobic fool AGAIN! But I want everyone to take something out of this. Harvey cites Centers for Disease Control studies about HIV to make her case that homosexuality is supposedly a dangerous lifestyle. However, she clearly practices the sin of omission. The CDC has on more than one ocassion placed the blame for this on how homophobia isolates the lgbt community and hinders us from receiving adequate health care and knowledge. Of course Harvey conveniently omits that point. Distorting CDC studies seems to be the only thing that anti-gay groups and organizations are doing now seeing that lgbt bloggers have refuted their original points of distortion with regards to lgbt health.  

8 Things Parents of Trans Kids Want You to Know - Excellent piece by a good friend of mine.

Wisc. GOPer Drops Out Of Race Over 'F*gs' And 'N*ggers' Tweets - BUSTED by my friends at NOManiacs. Take a bow, folks!


Anonymous said...

How handy that Scotty-poo has to unbury Floyd Lee Corkins and totally ignore the vitriol that drove Corkins to do what he did.

That, and Scotty-poo has, as usual, overblown his own importance to the human race... And that he isn't worth killin'.

Woofstock said...

Perhaps Scotty should follow his own advice (request, demand?) STOP INCITING HATE BEFORE YOU GET PEOPLE KILLED!!!!! Of course, he's already gotten people killed. How does that shoe feel on the other foot?

Woodstock said...

How does Linda Harvey know what goes on in bathrooms at LGBT youth centers? Has she checked them ut in disguise? Sent spies into such perilous enemy territory? She's just another pervert who spends more time thinking and fantasizing about gay sex than gay people do.