Tuesday, September 16, 2014

James Dobson is no longer relevant in marriage equality fight

Why does the subject of marriage equality turn people like religious leader James Dobson into one-note drama queens?

 In the clip below of an interview, Dobson talks with Billy Hallowell, the Faith and culture editor at Glenn Beck's "The Blaze and goes off negatively about marriage equality:

Poor Dobson. He pushes that ridiculous line about marriage equality destroying culture without realizing that time has passed him by. It's no longer 2004 when he helped to command and direct the opposers of marriage equality to victories and spotlight.

This is the new age when folks have realized that portents of doom about marriage equality were just lies fueled by either cynical folks out to make a buck through the exploitation of religious beliefs or self-righteous, conceited folks who have actually have no clue.

I think that Dobson is the latter, but it really doesn't matter which type he is. Either way, he come across as just plain tired.

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Scott S said...

Its about time that Dobson, who was more politically-motivated than he ever was a faith leader, became irrelevant. For 20 years he verbally assaulted a group of people he never bothered to get to know. He and his cadre deserve their afterlife, only it will be a lot hotter than he anticipated. Get used to it Jim ...