Monday, September 08, 2014

'NOM not happy with pro-marriage equality ruling' & other Monday midday news briefs

True to form, NOM misrepresents (GOP-appointed) judge who dared reject their tripe - As to be expected, NOM is not happy with the recent court case bringing marriage equality to Wisconsin and Indiana. Time to break out the pictures of Brian Brown crying his eyes out. 

Tony Perkins: Smithsonian 'Ignores The Destructive Side Effects Of Homosexuality' - This story actually signals progress. It used to be that folks like Perkins would go into detail with junk science and cherry-picked studies when they talked about the false dichotomy of homosexuality having dangerous "side effects." However, since lgbt bloggers, etc. began listing specific incidents and times when anti-gay groups would distort science and research, folks like Perkins can only spin horror tales about homosexuality in vague, unfamiliar terms.  

When Gender Norms Didn't Work for My Kid - A fascinating read. 

 Together 72 Years, Women In Their 90's Marry In Iowa - Those dern homosexuals have NO idea of commitment (sarcasm alert).

 South African Artist Brings Her Collaborative Portraits Of Trans People To The Americas For The First Time - This is pretty cool.

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