Wednesday, September 24, 2014

'Southern Baptist Convention kicks out gay-friendly church' & other Wednesday midday news briefs

Beware The Gay Antichrist! The Seven Most Appalling Moments In Values Voter Summit History - I'm amazed that Right Wing Watch could condense the list to just seven.

Southern Baptists Kick Out Gay-Friendly Church - Because if churches welcome gays, it would help their self-esteem and if gays have high self-esteem, they won't engage in negative behaviors. Then what will the religious right use to claim that homosexuality is a "dangerous lifestyle?"

Barber: Marchers Should Denounce 'Homosexual Enslavement Lifestyles' At St. Patrick’s Day Parade - For God's sake, give it a rest, Matt Barber. 

I'm Gay. Get Over It,' State Senator Announces During Push For LGBT Hate Crimes Bill - To paraphrase Maggie Smith in Murder by Death - "I like him . . . I really, really like him."

 Anti-Gay Pundits Recycle Doomsday DADT Rhetoric To Defend Military's Transgender Service Ban - Who cares if the rhetoric isn't true. As long as it scares people.

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Erica Cook said...

I'm taking research in psychology and I think I'm beginning to see research everywhere now. I just thought it would be interesting to talk to gays in Christianity and gays in Wicca and see if one has a more or less destructive lifestyle. You know because Wicca sees all sexualities as inherently good