Tuesday, October 07, 2014

'Anti-gay right determined to fight marriage equality to the end' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

The Right's New Strategy After Gay Marriage Loss: Finding the Gay 'Partial Birth Abortion' - As this excellent article by Michelangelo Signorile demonstrates, the anti-gay right is determined to continue the fight against marriage equality in spite of their losses. The lgbt community would do itself good to pay attention to their plans and tactics. We celebrate when we get full marriage equality. Until then, we fight like hell. 

Ugandan President Worries Anti-Gay Laws Might Lead To International Trade Boycotts - Now that's a good idea. And a reminder that the struggle for lgbt equality encompasses more than marriage in the United States. 

 RNC Chair Just Praised Hate Group Head On Gay Marriage: 'Tony Perkins Is Right' (Video) - Reince Preibus has never shown an ounce of independent leadership as head of the Republican National Committee.  

The Religious Right Reacts To SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision: 'Unconscionable, Unconstitutional, And Un-American' - BTW in case you don't know, the anti-gay right is FURIOUS over the SCOTUS decision.  

Annoying Problems You Have To Face When You're Bisexual - Fascinating video.  

The Erasure of 'Gay' From Black History & the Black Community Must Stop - And finally, a piece I wrote EXCLUSIVELY for The Huffington Post. It takes on the argument of comparing the lgbt civil rights movement vs. the African-American civil rights movement and then shoots it up to an entirely new level. I'm surprised at the immense positive reaction it has garnered. It is the fastest post I've ever written to go viral and it is still being shared.

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