Friday, October 03, 2014

'Ex-Gay Awareness Month' is a sad passive-aggressive farce

As fast as one anti-gay event is over (the Values Voter Summit), here comes another one.

Today marks the second annual 'Ex-Gay Awareness Month.' If you don't remember the first one from last year, it's because it was a tremendous flop.

Anyway, this is where supposed ex-gays (professional ex-gays who claim to be delivered from homosexuality so much that they get a pay check every time they portray themselves as such) gather with anti-gay groups and talking heads in a sad attempt to cast themselves as victims of gays who supposedly want to deny their existence.

 It's an interesting racket, except for the simple fact that no one is buying the crap they are selling because we all recognize it as a passive-aggressive way to cause the lgbt community more consternation.

For example, one of their goals this year is to lobby Congressional leaders to NOT pass pro-lgbt legislation.

Also, if you are a glutton for punishment, take a look at their itinerary of events and who they are aligned with.

And if you need further proof of how fake 'Ex Gay Awareness Month' is, check out this video of their featured speaker, Alan Keyes - a sad man who will be remembered by history only as the man whom President Obama defeated to become an Illinois senator and thus beginning his road to the White House:

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Dr. Shrinker said...

So how many attended this year? Did they make it to 30?