Friday, October 10, 2014

'Fox News strangely quiet on marriage equality victories' & other Friday midday news briefs

With Fox News Sitting Out Gay Marriage Fight, Social Conservatives Lose Their Loudest Voice - Hehehehehe! 

New Research Sheds Light On Anti-Gay Laws And The Poverty They Instigate - Anti-gay laws not only cause mental stress in the lgbt community, but it also makes us financially poorer. Well duh.

@AustinRuse defames me, pretends to know heart of gay teen (cc @CrisisMag) - Austin Ruse (who has hated my guts since I helped embarrass him after that incident in which he said university leaders should be shot) is now attacking Jeremy Hooper. Oh Austin, you poor bitch. 

West Virginia And Nevada Join The Rapidly-Growing List Of Marriage Equality States - Just in case you haven't heard . . .  

LGBT Kids Of Color Are More Likely To Be Disciplined In School, Study Shows - Uh this is NOT a good thing.  

Pat Buchanan: 'Massive Civil Disobedience' Needed To Fight 'Anti-Christian Discrimination' - Good idea except for the fact that ANTI-CHRISTIAN DISCRIMINATION IS A MERE TALKING POINT AND NOT ROOTED IN ANY REALITY, regardless of how many anecdotes you can pull out of your tuckus.


Erica Cook said...

You know, every so often you pull out a real zinger so good I have to wonder if you're not a long lost sibling. My family is known for being some serious wizeasses.

BlackTsunami said...

Actually I try to hold some back because they are too graphic. lol