Thursday, October 16, 2014

'Happy #SpiritDay!' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Going purple for GLAAD's #SpiritDay - Happy Spirit Day! Since I don't own anything purple, I'm wearing a deep blue shirt and "perpetrating." What exactly is Spirit Day? Check out the link or the video below: 

 In other news:

 Houston’s Pastor Subpoenas: A Meme Made for Fox News - After a myriad of false alarms, it looks like the religious right may actually have a case where anti-gay pastors are being unfairly attacked.  

No, The City Of Houston Isn't Bullying Anti-Gay Pastors - This Is Basic Lawyering - This the other side to the same issue. BOTH articles make excellent points. I will leave it up to the readers to make up their mind on this situation. 

Editor's note: The following two stories have just come out about the Houston situation and demonstrates how the anti-gay right just overreached and sabotage a situation in which they actually had a legitmate complaint.  If you gave the anti-gay right five minutes, they would have you rooting for Goliath and not David:

Why Houston’s Pastor Subpoenas Have Nothing To Do With Religious Liberty 

 Is Houston’s Lesbian Mayor Really Out to Get Conservative Preachers? 

 State employees must actually perform duties state pays them to perform; shocking, I know - You mean if you are paid tax dollars to perform a duty, you must actually perform said duty? Why that's "persecution" and ranks up there with forcing people to pay for the cable they order.  

High School Cancels Popular Play Over Allusion To Same-Sex Relationship - Oh come on guys!


Erica Cook said...

If I hadn't been bullied, I don't know who I would be. I can't remember a part of my childhood where being bullied didn't play a key part. I think most of all, I would be able to feel safe.

Jenna Gass said...

It breaks my heart that you don't feel safe as it is Erica. No one should feel unsafe :(

I'm sorry for any bullying you have ever had to endure, you didn't deserve it.

Jenna Gass said...

No one should ever be bullied.

I sincerely hope a day comes where you can feel safe.

All the best, Erica.