Tuesday, October 21, 2014

SC GOP distancing itself from anti-gay Congressional candidate after campy, homophobic video

Will wonders ever cease? The SC GOP is distancing itself from a Congressional candidate because they find him too homophobic.

From The State:

The S.C. Republican party's chairman said a GOP congressional candidate's comments comparing same-sex marriage supporters with the destructive creatures from the movie "Gremlins" does not represent values of the state.

State GOP boss Matt Moore clarified earlier comments and said the party is not actively supporting Anthony Culler's bid to unseat 21-year Democratic Congressman Jim Clyburn of Columbia.
Culler called gay-marriage supporter "bullies" and "Gremlins that will only destroy our way of life" in a Facebook post last week. The Kingstree resident repeated the "Gremlins" comparison in a video posted Monday.

That earned a rebuke from Moore, the state's Republican leader.

"Most people learned in kindergarten not to call other people names," Moore said. "Our party believes in the conservative definition of marriage, but we also believe in loving our neighbors and treating them with respect. Mr. Culler's desperate attention seeking in no way represents the good, decent South Carolinians across our state."

For his comments, Culler no longer has a chance of receiving active support from the state GOP, even though he won a contested party primary in June. The party has not been providing support for Culler, who is trying to win in a heavily Democratic district, Moore said.

So that's probably the rub of the entire thing. Culler has absolutely no chance in defeating Clyburn, so the SC GOP may be looking for a reason to desert him.

 And he gives them one with his comments and the video on his Facebook page, which is campier than an Ed Wood movie.

Talking Points Memo adds more details:

Culler's latest rant against the "Gremlins" that threaten the Christian way of life lasted for seven minutes. The measured tone of his monologue was dramatically punctuated by the blast of train whistles in the background.

As Culler leaned against a cannon, he said that the people in the state's 6th Congressional District agreed with him.

"This is our minority majority district," Culler said. "It's the black district. That's what some people call it. … I've got another description for this district, it's a Christian district."

"We believe in the way that it's always been," Culler continued.

This isn't the first time Culler's mouth courted controversy. Earlier this year, a video came out showing him making a birther joke about President Obama at 2013 rally.

He is taking this new controversy in stride, however.  On his facebook page, he has begun casting himself as sort of a John The Baptist-like "voice in the wilderness."

As far as it is known, Rep. Clyburn hasn't commented on his challenger's exploits. Most likely he is observing good taste or too busy laughing himself silly.

As luck would have it, Culler just happens to be running in my district. I have voted for Clyburn in every election but this time, I think the vote will be much sweeter.

You know us gremlins. We don't get mad. We vote.

Read more here: http://www.thestate.com/2014/10/21/3758592/gop-boss-rebukes-same-sex-marriage.html#storylink=cpy

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Erica Cook said...

"...we also believe in loving our neighbors and treating them with respect." When did this start?