Monday, October 06, 2014

SCOTUS ruling creates shock, happy chaos for marriage equality supporters

Unless you were living in a cave with your fingers in your ears, you know the surprising decision the United States Supreme Court made this morning in denying appeals from five states regarding federal judges overturning their marriage equality bans. The collection of articles and tweets below will give you a picture of where it all stands. But I do say this - the lgbt community and especially our leadership organizations should be out of the gate not only explaining what these decisions mean but how we got to this point. The other side will immediately raise the talking point about "activist judges," when in fact it was their hubris, lies, and inability to fashion a coherent and logical argument against marriage equality which has led them down the path of loss.

The graphic above, taken from Think Progress, gives a view of what marriage equality looks like after today's SCOTUS decision 

SCOTUS Denies Appeals On Gay Marriage From 5 States - This article from Talking Points Memo is huge. It says that marriage equality has not only come to five states (Utah, Indiana, Virginia, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin), but six other states will most likely eventually have marriage equality because of the SCOTUS ruling (Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wyoming).

 Same-sex marriage legal in at least 10 more states after Supreme Court declines to intervene - Reuters confirms the second point made in the Talking Points Memo article.

 Virginia Attorney General: Same-Sex Marriage Should Begin ‘Later Today’ - Oh yeah. This is getting good.  

LIVE BLOG: The freedom to marry comes to 5 more states - Follow the Freedom To Marry blog for updates regarding todays' ruling. 

Meanwhile, the opposition is in a complete state of shock. Bryan Fischer issued this uncharacteristically boring tweet:

It's boring because we can usually count on him for visions of fire, brimstone, and an angry God knocking heads. Now Peter LaBarbera has a better, but more confusing tweet:

What that hell does that mean? People who don't support marriage equality should refuse to attend gay weddings? Sure. Works for me.

Or does it mean come to gay weddings and interrupt the proceedings. Feel free to come to mine. We will sit you right next to the mothers of the grooms and when the preacher asks if anyone objects and you feel the need to stand up, we will take a 15 minute intermission to watch you get your behind whipped.


Paul Ditz said...

My church in Shelby is having to rush our planned marketing campaign to get same sex couples to rent our sanctuary for their weddings (those that aren't already members of our church, that is). We thought we would have until June! BTW, here's a link to my blog on the subject from this morning.

Warner said...

"we will take a 15 minute intermission to watch you get your behind whipped."

Please post the video

And congratulations on your wedding.

BlackTsunami said...

Lol. I was just speaking in general terms. I wish I could find a husband.

threepizzasguy said...

If Brian Fischer truly understood the sin of Sodom, he'd condemn people like Joel Osteen, Jan Crouch, the 1%, etc., and leave us gays alone! But of course that will never happen. :-o

threepizzasguy said...

I read earlier today that all states in the 9th Circuit could likely have marriage equality very soon. Earlier this year, Idaho & Nevada marriage bans were forcefully rebuked by the full Circuit court, which means the other western states (AK, OR, AZ, HI) could automatically lose their appeals to SCOTUS. That could bring the total to 34 states, maybe more.