Monday, November 10, 2014

'AFA angry at Kellogg's support of gay pride' & other Monday midday news briefs

So the American Family Association is angry at Kellogg for sponsoring Atlanta's Gay Pride march and festival. One would think the organization would've have been angry about the strange relationship between those three elves promoting 'Rice Krispies.' What does "snap, crackle, pop" mean anyway?

Hat tip to Jeremy Hooper

In other news:

Religious Right Aiming To Block All Obama Judicial Nominations - History repeats itself. Every time the Republicans win an election, the religious right take it as a cue to act the fool. Then they take it too far. They always do . . .

Uganda Could Pass Another Draconian Anti-Gay Law - And this one could be worse than the last monstrosity.

Two Brides Tie The Knot In Russia, Prompting Outrage - Bravery does not come from pleading victimhood status when you know you are in an insulated environment. It comes from things like this - putting yourself on the line for basic freedom.

My Lesbian Mom Died Terrified of Going to Hell - It's not right how people use religion to scare each other.


Patrick said...

How is "Religious Right Aiming To Block All Obama Judicial Nominations" news? Haven't Republicans already been doing that for years?

BJohnM said...

You know, on the Kellogs thing...Walmart took out an ad in the NYC Pride program, and were a sponsor, but it's crickets when it comes to calling for a Walmart boycott.

At the time, they were calling out some other sponsors at other Pride events, so I went to their website, and said something to the effect of, "I'm glad you guys are holding companies like this accountable, and I'm sure you'll also call for the same accountability from Walmart, since they are sponsoring NYC's pride." Comment was yanked in no time.

Go figure.