Friday, November 07, 2014

Missouri gays closer to marriage, The Advocate choose Putin' & other Friday midday news briefs

Federal Judge Rules Missouri Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional - Boom! We haven't lost the momentum in spite of yesterday's ridiculous appeals court ruling. 

You'll Never Guess Who The Advocate's Person Of The Year Is - Anti-gay Russian president Vladimir Putin. There are so many questions with this pick and deservedly so. Did The Advocate give such attention to all of the anti-lgbt persecutions efforts in Africa. And why not someone more positive. While I'm sure the magazine made the choice on what is considered as impact, I still feel a more positive choice would have been in order. Personally I see nothing wrong with Laverne Cox. Why not put Putin in a category about those who seek to harm the lgbt community? Just my opinion.

In Blistering Dissent, Appeals Court Judge Slams Colleagues Who Upheld Gay Marriage Bans - Speaking of yesterday's ridiculous appeals court ruling, the dissent deserves another read. Judge Martha Craig Daughtrey NAILS what's wrong with the ruling, i.e. the justices didn't see lgbts as people needing redress of a wrong done to them.  

Tyler's Story From The Let Love Define Family Series - A single gay father talks about adoption and his son. Awesome story.  

Dallas adds LGBT protections to city constitution in landslide vote - Sweet!!

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