Wednesday, December 10, 2014

'Religious right 'Christians' defend acts of torture' & other Wednesday midday news briefs

Christian right’s vile PR sham: Why their bizarre films are backfiring on them - Well it could be that they are pretentious trash. But this explanation goes into good detail.

Accurate representation isn't 'indoctrination' - Bar none, the best thing Jeremy Hooper has ever written (and his daughter is soooo cute!):

 . . .that's what these anti-LGBT activists fail to acknowledge. They refuse to see that we exist, now and already. They won't even give the slightest credence to the fact that we do have kids and they too attend school. Instead they act like our families are some sort of a collective theory whose very existence is up for debate. They pretend that our lives are rumors that will only exist if people with agendas (i.e. LGBT humans) tell our supposed lies (i.e. our literal truths) long enough. That's why they so easily play the "indoctrination" card when it comes to the fair and accurate depictions of our existences: because it's easy to dismiss that which you don't want to and don't care to—and in fact refuse to—see. And since they know that their exclusionary agenda is one that is most likely to take hold if it starts young and goes on unchallenged, they are most threatened when we talk to children about childishly simply notions like love and family.  

Fischer: Release Of Torture Report Shows That Democrats Are 'Juvenile Delinquents'

Sandy Rios Defends CIA Torture: 'It's Not Like We Beheaded Them'  - Isn't this lovely. When they are not whining about being "persecuted" by gays for their supposed Christian beliefs, religious right spokespeople are defending acts of torture. What would Jesus do indeed? I can tell you what he wouldn't do. He wouldn't defend acts like sleep deprivation and other acts I just cannot mention here.  

Jamaican priest washes the feet of lesbians and calls for ‘respect’ for human rights - In contradiction to the briefs above . . .

 ‘No Homo’ Personalized License Plate Issued By Alabama - When do we get the "HOT MESS" license plates issued next?

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