Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The video Bobby Jindal probably doesn't want you to see before his prayer rally

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal is planning a prayer rally next month in what some say is an attempt to play up to the religious right because he intends to run for president in 2016.

Already there is much controversy regarding who Jindal's office's is partnering with.  Students and faculty members of Louisiana State University, where this prayer will be held, are already up in arms about it. According to The New Orleans Advocate:

LSU students, faculty and other activists have come out against the event, called “The Response,” largely because it’s being paid for by the American Family Association, a controversial conservative religious group that opposes gay marriage and other lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights efforts. A protest has been planned in response to The Response, and a petition has gained hundreds of signatures in just a matter of days.  The Southern Poverty Law Center has described the Tupelo, Mississippi-based AFA as “some of the most hateful anti-gay voices in America” and has classified the organization as a hate group.

 Right Wing Watch has also pointed that the rally will have other controversial participants, including:

Jennifer LeClaire - LeClaire is the editor of Charisma magazine, where she routinely warns that Halloween is demonically evil and that gay superheroes are corrupting your children's souls. She has repeatedly told gay athletes to stay in the closet and repent and warned that the fight for gay marriage is a Satanic plot to send people to Hell.

 EW Jackson - a Religious Right activist and former GOP candidate for lieutenant governor of Virginia who has asserted that the push for gay rights has killed more black men than the KKK and said that gay men and women are "perverted," "degenerate," and "frankly very sick people psychologically, mentally and emotionally." He has warned that gay marriage will lead to bestiality and said that there is a "direct connection" between homosexuality and pedophilia. The definition of marriage can never change, Jackson has declared, because "America was ordained by Almighty God." 

Jindal, who earlier called this prayer rally  “a time of prayer, fasting, repentance and celebration.” and a way to turn the nation back to God, seems to be sidestepping all questions about his partnership with the AFA.

However, as time goes on and possibly more groups join the rally, I'm sure Jindal will get bolder and attempt to play the victim card. I'm that he will be goaded by the AFA and other participants to claim that calls against his prayer rally is actually part of the so-called "war on Christianity."

But BEFORE that happens, let's take a video look at the organization whom Jindal is partnering with, the American Family Association. Most specifically, the employee of the organization whom Jindal is partnering with for this prayer rally and one of the main reasons why AFA was declared an anti-gay hate group - Bryan Fischer.

And while looking at this video, seriously ask yourself would you pray to God with any organization which employs this man:

Fischer, according to Right Wing Watch, has said that he will be attending the rally and providing coverage via broadcast.


Erica Cook said...

You know what I think might be a good idea? How about those who opposed this rally who are Christians hold an inclusive counter rally in protest at the same time. They want to say that this is about Christian oppression? What is a better way of countering that idea than another Christian rally that was done in love and peace at the exact same time. Especially since you will likely have more people at your rally it would make a clear show of who's got the majority values.

Anonymous said...

Erica, this isn't about majority values. Our Constitution guarantees rights and freedoms to THE INDIVIDUAL. That is what should be FIRST AND FOREMOST in our messaging.

BJohnM said...

Oh my Lord, if we're sending people who speak out against LGBT people to education camps, when the hell are we shipping Brian off?

Anonymous said...

I think videos of Bryan Fischer would be a reasonable substitute for syrup of ipecac.