Monday, January 26, 2015

Bobby Jindal's prayer rally organizer: Gays encompass 'unvarnished energy of Satan'

Leave it to the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer to put an exclamation point on LA Gov. Bobby Jindal's transparent "prayer rally" held last weekend.

Why even bother to give reasons as to why Jindal was totally in wrong for holding this rally or allowing Fischer's organization, the  anti-gay hate group American Family Association, to play a lead role by footing the bill.

Why indeed, when you can let Fischer make the point for you:


Patrick Fitzgerald said...

Full transcript:

AFA's Bryan Fischer: "But I don’t think you will ever find a more directly demonic energy than when you deal with the homosexual agenda, and I’ve counseled friends who have taken positions that are going to put them kind of in the middle of the culture war on the issue of homosexuality. And I said, you know you better buckle up because you have no idea how intense the forces of opposition -- how spiritually intense -- the forces that animate the homosexual lobby are. They’re vicious. They are mean.

You literally are staring at the virtually, the unvarnished energy of Satan Himself when you come up against the forces that are pushing the homosexual agenda forward."

Still, the question remains; What does varnished evil look like?

Erica Cook said...

They stone us to death and we're vicious.