Thursday, January 08, 2015

'Fox News personality accuses gays of 'cultural cleansing'' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Todd Starnes: Gay Rights Movement Ushering In 'Cultural Cleansing' - The hyperbole is strong in THIS loser.

Kelvin Cochran and the homophobia hiding behind 'religious liberty'  - Yes I know this is an post of mine but I'm presenting it again because of a  personal resolution. Every time I feature a piece or post on how the anti-gay right is attempting to make Cochran a martyr (such as the piece above with Todd Starnes), I will be including THIS post because it gives an excellent point of view as to why "religious liberty" is a deceptive tactic.

Marco Rubio Slams Florida Court For Permitting Marriage Equality - Rubio is seriously bothering me on this issue. He is encouraging ignorance when it comes to our system of governing.

Larry Tomczak Warns Christians To Beware Of All The Gays On TV - Folks like Tomczak fear the visibility of lgbts because it destroys their false idea of our orientation being merely a 'sexual thing' which should not be talked about in public. We are people, not sex objects.

 Supreme Court To Meet Again On Hearing Gay Marriage - Keep your fingers crossed, brothers and sisters.

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