Tuesday, January 13, 2015

'Is Mike Huckabee backing away from anti-marriage equality position?' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

Huckabee backs away from opposition to same-sex marriage - Dear Mike Huckabee, you can pretend that you are "coming around" when it comes to marriage equality but no self-respect lgbt will support your possible bid for president. We aren't stupid and even if some of us were "born yesterday," when it comes to you, those who were "born yesterday" was up all night studying. 

God, Gays and the Atlanta Fire Department - The New York Times lays the smack down on this fake case of violated "religious liberty" in Atlanta involving former fire chief Kelvin Cochran: 

"Imagine that Mr. Cochran, who is black, were an adherent of a religion that avowed the inferiority of white people, and that he distributed literature to that effect. He would not have lasted another day in a job that requires him to manage and protect the well-being of a large and diverse work force. It should not matter that the investigation found no evidence that Mr. Cochran had mistreated gays or lesbians. His position as a high-level public servant makes his remarks especially problematic, and requires that he be held to a different standard."

Speaking of which, go here to freep this poll. Cochran SHOULD have been fired.

Megapastor T.D. Jakes aligning with extremely anti-gay Harry Jackson, Family Research Council - For the record, I never did like T.D. Jakes. He teaches people fear and encourages ignorance disguised as "The Gospel." Just another dime-a-dozen fake preacher growing fat on his own ego. 
A Teacher Was Fired From A Russian School After Being Outed By An Anti-Gay Activist - Handle yo' business, girlfriend! 

Finally, I have a celebratory announcement to make. Today marks the two-year anniversary of the publishing of How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right War on Gay America. In those two years, my online booklet has over 1,000,000 views and over 2,000 downloads.

As this year progresses and hopefully the lgbt community wins more victories to ensure our equality, the anti-gay right will rely on ignorance and the reluctance of the media to fully investigate them in order to play "victim" to a supposed "encroaching gay agenda."

That entire point of view is a lie. For over 30 years, anti-gay groups and spokespeople have made the lgbt community scapegoats and victims in their campaign of distortions and misdirection. 

How They See Us has the goods on them. It is free and I encourage every one to download a copy from either this site , this one, or get a direct link to the booklet here.

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