Monday, January 12, 2015

'Sneaky attempts at anti-gay laws desperate strategy by losers' & other Monday midday news briefs

More Sneaky Anti-Gay Laws Popping Up - DO NOT get discouraged because this only means that we are winning. You can't have the victory without the attempted backlash. History has repeatedly shown this. The only difference here being we know that it's coming and should prepare ourselves to fight it. In other words . . . let's rock! 

New Missouri Bill Would Permit Christian College Groups To Discriminate Against Gay Students - Oh yeah. Religious liberty . . . and everything . . . 

Stop with the false witness–bearing, Focus on the Family! - In my eight plus years of blogging, it is very rare that I would catch Focus on the Family distorting legitimate studies. But the organization would distort current events as if it were going out of style.  

NYPD Reps Held Secret Talks With Virginia Republican Who Calls Gays 'Very Sick' - Way to go, guys! (eyes rolling).

 Bryan Fischer's Incoherent Theory Of The First Amendment - Fischer has a screwed up concept of Christianity. Why should we be shocked that he doesn't know anything about the first amendment?

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