Tuesday, February 17, 2015

'Coming anti-marriage equality manifesto a BIG EMPTY joke that lgbts SHOULD read' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

Previewing the next anti-marriage equality manifesto - Hold on to your hats (or rather stomachs). I would advise that members of the lgbt community read this manifesto because it is important to see what those who oppose your equality is up to. 

Top Catholics and evangelicals: Gay marriage worse than divorce or cohabitation - And speaking of which, here are a few details about the above item. The "usual folks" are involved - i.e. Maggie Gallagher, Robert George, Rick Warren are amongst the 50 signers. It will be published in the conservative First Things magazine in March. Some have said it reads like a "declaration of war," but it's really a big whine about how folks who oppose marriage equality will be "persecuted" (after years of falsely defining lgbts as family destroyers, stealers of children, and attempting to destroy Christianity). It implies actions of civil disobedience kinda like an ant plays around with a drop dribbling from a very cold glass of water. We all know these folks wouldn't dare engage in civil disobedience. They'd miss out on their salaries. One interesting thing though - supposedly it is an alliance of conservative Catholics and evangelical Protestants. Catholics and Protestants together? If history is indication of what may happen next . . . . well I will be nice.

 Epidemic: Murders of transwomen of color largely ignored - We have a HUUUGE problem here.

Baptist Leader Compares Laws Allowing Gay Marriage To Laws Martin Luther King Jr. Went To Jail To Fight - Comparing pro-marriage equality rulings to laws and rulings which dehumanized African-Americans seems to be a trend all of the sudden.  

Hundreds rally at Kansas Statehouse to protest end of LGBT protections - Hundreds protest the awful "brownbacking" of the lgbt community in Kansas. 

These Are The Brave And Beautiful Faces Of At-Risk LGBT Youth - These are OUR children, folks. Keep them in mind when it comes to all you do for lgbt equality.

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Tor said...

I was born and raised in the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. It's the most conservative and fundamentalist of all the Lutheran sects. LC-MS is notoriously anti-ecumenical. It does not even recognize the existence or share communion with other Lutheran denominations.

I don't know if they are involved in this episode of gay-hate, but they have been in cahoots with Catholics, Evangelicals, Orthodox Jews, Muslims over gay issues. Gay hate makes for strange bedfellows.