Friday, March 13, 2015

'Bogus religious liberty argument could harm our military men and women' & other Friday midday news briefs

How Marriage Equality Opponents’ Arguments Are Getting Turned Against Them - Really, it was bound to happen. In all of the chaos and anger in the early years of the fighting for marriage equality, it's not difficult to see that we never considered this possibility. 

Jindal, Huckabee And Santorum To Join Far-Right Activists At Liberty Counsel's 'The Awakening' - Just think. These three guys are most likely going to be running for president. Take a look at who they consort with and if it doesn't creep you out, YOU creep ME out. 

 After Shaming Gay And Unmarried Female Sailors, Navy Chaplain Wants To Keep At It - Another example of how the bogus argument of religious liberty goes to far. It can put our service men and women in harms way.  

Ala. House approves bill allowing judges, ministers to refuse to marry gay couples - Let's not lose our heads over these ridiculous laws. I know that there are some lgbt-affirming judges and ministers out there. 

 I'm An 18-Year-Old Boy Who Wears Blue Nail Polish -- Get Over It - Fascinating article.

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