Friday, March 27, 2015

'Did Georgia provide the pathway to kill anti-gay 'religious freedom' bills?' & other Friday midday news briefs

How To Kill A Discriminatory ‘Religious Liberty’ Bill: Call The Bluff - One lesson we should learn from what happened yesterday in Georgia to possibly kill that state's "religious liberty" bill is a way to wreck other "religious liberty" bills which may be proposed in other states. And if the bills aren't destroyed, we would still win the narrative, which is equally important.

Gay Money Is No Good in Indiana - MEANWHILE, Indiana is learning a lesson regarding bigotry and the inanity of anti-gay propaganda. The religious right tells us that lgbts don't need protection from discrimination because we are in a high income bracket. So why are they proposing reasons for us to withhold ALL OF THAT MONEY we are supposed to be making.

 7 Entities That May Boycott Indiana Over New LGBT Discrimination Law - Second verse, same at the first (damn, this is so much fun!)

 Hillary Clinton condemns Indiana discrimination law - Now you KNOW if Hilary is wanting a piece of the "Indiana beat down," things just got real.

  Court blocks implementation of FMLA rule for same-sex couples - Okay, time to come down from the high so we don't get victory disease. We still have a long way to go to secure equality.

Eleven Republicans Vote For Benefits For Married Same-Sex Couples - A nonbinding vote, but wait until you read the list of Republicans who voted for it.

 Rand Paul Suggests Gay Marriage Is The Result Of A 'Moral Crisis' In America - My God, if I hear ANOTHER PERSON talk about how this country "needs a revival" or "great awakening," I am going to DO SOMETHING (and I seriously don't know it is yet, but it will be spectacular). They've been saying that junk for the longest time. Jerry Falwell said it decades ago. Jesse Helms said it decades ago. Perhaps those claiming how this country "needs a revival" would do well to see if THEY THEMSELVES need said revival before pointing fingers. 

Jerry Boykin Calls Upon 'God's Army' To Rise Up And Fight The 'Evil' Of Gay Rights - Uh sorry. I think that God's Army is too busy feeding hungry, clothing the naked, and generally helping mankind. You know, that stuff that Jesus did when He was alive.

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