Thursday, March 05, 2015

Family Research Council's latest call to anti-gay discrimination would harm children

The Family Research Council has a special request which it sent via email:

In California, Massachusetts, Illinois, and D.C. religious adoption and foster care providers have had their government funding pulled and have been forced to end services, simply because they continue to believe in placing children with a mom and a dad.

That some states have preferred to sever longstanding partnerships with faith-based providers, making children wait longer for adoption rather than allow faith-based providers to continue caring for children, is a sad sign of the times.

This important legislation, sponsored by Congressman Mike Kelly in the House and Senator Mike Enzi in the Senate, will ensure that the interests of children are placed ahead of political correctness. Specifically, this bill will prohibit discrimination against faith-based child welfare service providers by the federal government and by states receiving federal funds for adoption and foster care services.
This bill will ensure that the maximum number of adoption and foster care providers can continue to advocate for children and will ensure that adoptive families can continue to work with a provider which shares their core beliefs.

Please contact your Representative and Senator and urge them to co-sponsor the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act of 2015.

It never ceases to amaze me what levels of which FRC will stoop to push their point of view.  The organization is slyly portraying these religious adoption and foster care providers as victims by playing down the most important part of the controversy.

FRC claims that these agencies are being denied government funds "simply because they continue to believe in placing children with a mom and a dad."

That's sleight of hand way of saying that these agencies are being denied taxpayer monies because they discriminate against same-sex couples.

According to The Slate:

 . . . two congressional Republicans introduced the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act, which they claim is an effort to shield “adoption and foster care providers” from an “anti-faith bias.” This is a charming bit of doublespeak: The act’s real purpose is to nullify state-level laws that require child welfare services to let gay couples adopt children. In some states, religious adoption agencies have closed up shop rather than allow gay couples to adopt or foster children. According to the act’s sponsors, adoption agencies that take a courageous stand against gay adoption deserve federal protection.

 . . .  The Christian right rails on and on about its pro-child policies, insisting that its opposition to gay marriage arises from a concern for children. But if you look behind the patina, you’ll see that it’s conservatives themselves—not gay people or their allies—who are actually harming children. First, the Christian right imposed a harmful stigma on the otherwise healthy children of gay couples; now they’ve now staked the claim that they would rather keep kids in foster care than let them be adopted out to loving gay parents. Conservatives’ crusade for legalized bigotry, it seems, won’t stop at demeaning gay adults. They’ve now placed children directly in their crosshairs, too. 

In other words, it's not about what's best for children. To the Family Research Council, it is about giving gays a figurative kick in the chops . . . again.

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