Friday, March 06, 2015

'How to spot & stop anti-gay legislation coming to your state' & other Friday midday news briefs.

WATCH: A Field Guide to Spotting and Stopping the Homophobic Laws Coming to Your Home State - Okay brothers and sisters, vigilance is the key here. Take notes, pass along information. THEN raise hell. 

More Than 300 Republicans Call on Supreme Court to Recognize Gay Marriage Nationally - I LOATHE how some folks on this list have behaved, but uneasy alliances is a hallmark to getting things done.

 379 companies that want their logos paired with uplifting music in inevitable marriage (in)equality documentaries - ESPECIALLY when such an alliance is the part of a huge snowball in your favor. 

Ben Carson Won't Talk About Gay Rights Anymore - One down. A gigantic bunch of nuts to go. 

 ABC Family’s ‘The Fosters’ Creators Defend 13-Year-Old Gay Male Kiss: Watch Before Judging - On the score that it's reality, I agree with the decision to show it. But folks, seriously, we need a new variation of this theme. The "young white twinks realizing they are falling in love probably for the first time" has been done to death.

 Completely Real Coalition Of African-American Pastors To Give ‘MLK Award’ To Alabama’s Roy Moore - This is NOT satire. They are giving this fool an MLK award. And lastly, my quote in the story still stands, DOUBLE TIME.

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