Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Idea of full marriage equality scares the #&@! out of the anti-gay right.

I think its downright hilarious just how the idea of gays having the right to marry in all 50 states scare  the anti-gay right and their supporters.

Just how scared do they get? Allow me to show you with the help of my good friends at Right Wing Watch:

Roy Moore
Cruz: Marriage Equality Decisions 'A Real Danger To Our Liberty'

Right-Wing Activist: Flee America Before Gay Marriage Causes God To Destroy Us

Matthew Hagee: Gay Marriage 'Is Taking Away The Ability Of ... Society To Survive' End Times 

Preacher: Gay Marriage Victory Will Lead To God's Wrath 

Roy Moore: SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling Paves Way For Government To 'Take Your Children' 

Scott Lively
Lively: America Will Face 'Calamity And Judgment' If Gay Marriage Is Legalized 

Matt Barber
Barber: Gay Marriage Will Be 'The Sledgehammer Used To Crush The Church'

Brian Brown: Gay Marriage Victory Threatens Gun Rights, Future Of The Republic

 Roy Moore: Ban Gay Marriage To Keep Bisexuals And 'Transgendered' From Marrying Multiple People
Scott Lively Warns That SCOTUS Could Unleash The Antichrist By September 2015  

Mat Staver: Marriage Equality Might Turn Kids Gay

I've got a prediction. The idea that gays can freely marry in all 50 states will transform the anti-gay right and their supporters into simpering "drama queens."

Oh look. It's already happened.

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Gavin said...

As we approach the 10th (12th in most provinces) anniversary of legal same-sex marriage nation wide in Canada, it should be clear to these wingnuts that none of these supposed repercussions have happened. Stop trying to scare people just because you personally find two people of the same gender living together as a couple, sharing a life together, and yes having sex together icky.