Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mike 'Pence press conference nothing but glorified self-pity' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

Indiana Governor Mike Pence Holds News Conference On Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Law - What a sad press conference. You know it was bad when people on twitter was talking about Pence's strange breathing. But did it solve anything? No. Pence seems to be stubborn. No matter. Keep up the pressure, folks.

The True Intent Of Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill, According To The People That Helped Write It - That would be THESE folks in the tweet below. The folks Pence wouldn't acknowledge when asked about them (see next news brief). By the way, please keep tweeting this out. The vilification of a deceptively anti-gay governor is something we can take all part in:
‘Own what you are’: CNN host exposes Indiana law backer as gay conversion therapy promoter - Chris Cuomo calls out Indiana anti-gay activist. 

 These Events Were Canceled Because Of Indiana's New Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Law - The boycott against Indiana is going exceedingly well. 

 10 Things You Can Do For Transgender Day Of Visibility - In the middle of this ado, let's not forget what today is.

  2015 Trans 100 Honors Positive Work By Transgender And Gender Non-Conforming People Nationwide - 100 wonderful people you should know about.

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