Tuesday, April 07, 2015

'The Four WORST anti-gay marriage arguments ever' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

The Four Worst Anti-Gay Marriage Arguments Ever - If it were ever discovered that this huge push against marriage equality was secretly a push FOR marriage equality, I wouldn't be surprised. These arguments are so bad, Scalia is going to come after these folks with a switch. And he is AGAINST marriage equality.  

Bobby Jindal Says He Supports Louisiana's Aggressively Anti-Gay 'Religious Liberty' Bill - Of course he does . . . 

Florida Lawmaker Reversed Adoption Bill Vote Because ‘I Simply Can’t Affirm Homosexuality’ - Oh for pete's sake, you aren't "affirming" anything but good homes for kids! Well at least we can prove that this monstrosity vote in Florida is strictly because of anti-gay animus and not concern for children needing to be adopted. Small, very small consolation. 

 North Dakota Governor Issues Memo Barring Gay Discrimination - Right after we lose a vote for it, the governor hands it over. Nice.  

Hey, Christian Business Owners: The Government Isn’t ‘Forcing’ You To Do Anything - Not forcing you to do anything BUT make money.
The Polite Right’s Bryan Fischer Problem - I hate this piece because I wish I could write like this. Probably one of the best columns I have read when it comes to these "religious freedom" laws and the mindsets behind them.

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Patrick Fitzgerald said...

HuffPo: "The Four Worst Anti-Gay Marriage Arguments Ever":

"Michigan says that they don't want to let gay people get married because that would be demeaning to gay people."
So true. Glenn Stanton and Bill Maier make a similar argument in their book "Marriage on Trial" (p60):

Q: "Wouldn’t accepting gay marriage help us all get along better?"

A: "Actually, quite the opposite. It would alienate … "married" gays from gays who don’t want marriage"