Thursday, May 07, 2015

James Dobson makes National Day of Prayer into a sad mockery

As a person of faith, I think the idea of a National Day of Prayer is a great idea for those who want to participate. HOWEVER, I also think that the hands of Shirley Dobson and her husband, James, should be kept off of planning it.

Sorry for those who disagree but based upon the following video,  James Dobson comes across as a zealot from the Middle Ages railing at so-called heretics because he isn't allowed to imprison them. I see no sincerity or humility from this man, only a public display of his ego as he spins ludicrous fear stories:

If James Dobson wants to think that he sits on the right hand of God, that's his right. But there shouldn't be a national day, or anything else, designed to indulge his madness. Especially not a day designed to getting all people of faith, whether they be lgbts or heterosexual, Christians, Jewish, Muslims, etc. together to appeal to God.

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