Wednesday, May 06, 2015

'THE LAWSUIT, anti-gay parenting parenting study debunked again, Ben Carson don't know civics' & other Wednesday midday news briefs

Nebraska Woman Sues Gays On Behalf Of God And Jesus - Yes, we have all heard it of. Some have had a good laugh, while others have called it "click-bait." I personally think she is a personification of anti-lgbt mania. Remember, prominent anti-gay leader Rick Scarborough once advocated a "class-action" lawsuit against lgbts. 

Click here IF you want to read her hand-written seven page petition. And below is the video of how I would enter the courtroom to testify (as a witness for the lgbt community, of course):

In much more vital news:  

New Research Further Debunks Regnerus Study On Gay Parenting - I really HOPE Regnerus enjoyed that money he received for his pathetically bad study, seeing that it cost him what little integrity he had.

Texas Teens Score Prom Victories In Face Of Anti-Gay Bigotry From GOP State Lawmakers: VIDEO - I LOVE the way our lgbt children are fighting homophobia . . . and winning.

More Americans Are Comfortable With A Gay Presidential Candidate Than With An Evangelical One - Ooooooo! The anti-gay right will be aaaaangry!  

The New York Times Launched A Series Of Editorials On Transgender Rights - Wonderful! And it's about time, too.  

Ben Carson: Federal Government Doesn't Need To Recognize Gay Marriage SCOTUS Ruling - For someone who said he wouldn't talk about lgbts issues again . . .

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