Friday, June 12, 2015

Ben Carson's 'black vs. gay' gambit backfires in his face

Leave it to wannabe presidential contender Ben Carson to begin the dreadful "black vs. gay" argument again by declaring that gay rights aren't the same as civil rights because there was no segregation against gays.

Of course that would be excluding these "religious freedom laws" which the religious right and their cohorts are pushing through the state legislatures.

But aside from that, Carson is conveniently forgetting the presence of lgbts of color during segregation. One day, I am going to find that spaceship which folks like Carson seem to think people like me were on during segregation and other pivotal moments in black history.

But for now, I will console myself by enjoying how the 'black vs. gay" gambit blew up in Carson's face when Brianna Keller of CNN challenges him on it:

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BJohnM said...

For the life of me, I can't figure out how a man once so smart, suddenly became so stupid.

Anonymous said...

Embracing extremism, and it doesn't just make him stupid... it makes him dangerous.

Nancy Green said...

Was Bayard Rustin the pilot?