Tuesday, July 21, 2015

'American religious right attempting to create global backlash to lgbt equality' & other Tues midday news briefs

The Global Backlash To America's Gay Rights Triumph - This makes me sicker than words can express. American anti-gay groups and figures know that they have lost the so-called culture war in THIS COUNTRY  so, like bullies, they peddle their crap overseas to victimize the religious beliefs and ignorance of other countries, thereby leading these countries to terrorize their own lgbt citizens. What's the solution? Knowledge. Yes. I am peddling my free booklet here but I want to express more than that. We are a slack community in demanding accountability from our journalists, newspapers, and magazines. We yawn and make jokes while the lazy folks in the Beltway media copy and paste talking points about anti-gay groups supposedly protecting "religious liberties" and we don't demand something more when the latest faux journalist or think tank  publish another collection of  deliberate and badly researched trash masquerading as a book pushing the false notion that progressive folks are "intolerant" to those supporting supposed "evangelical beliefs." We do nothing even we know that they are lying. We don't demand better accountability even when we know that they are lying. We don't demand truth even though we know that they are attempting to omit their extensive history of scapegoating our community. Why? Because we think we are winning. Mythology tells us that in the Trojan War, the Trojans were defeated because they let their guard down when they thought they had won. What we do as the American religious right instigates persecution against our brothers and sisters overseas is OUR Trojan War moment. 

Sweeping Federal LGBT Rights Bill Will Be Introduced This Week - Now this is good news. It may not pass, but that's not the point. We are showing that we are at the gate and we won't leave until the door is open, whether it is opened peacefully or we push it in.  

This Woman Is Stuck In An Iowa Jail Simply Because She Is Transgender - I read the story. It is accurate and IT IS A HOT MESS! 

 After Losing On Same-Sex Marriage, Conservative Christians Find A New Enemy - Guess what. The religious right's support for "religious freedom" only means the freedom to believe what THEY believe.  

Pat Robertson: Gay Marriage To Legalize 'Love Affairs Between Men And Animals,' Pedophilia - You just KNEW someone would tie those bogus anti-Planned Parenthood "expose videos" to the lgbt community.  

Gay Priest Fired From Chaplain Job Asks Pope To Meet LGBT Catholics In U.S. - One of my new heroes.

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Anonymous said...

Funny how in the world of the anti-gay right all gay people are male but the scary bit is they believe animals and children can give consent.