Wednesday, July 08, 2015

'Marriage equality backlash not happening for anti-gay industry' & other Wed midday news briefs

Poor Franklin Graham. Gays getting married gets hm down.

What must drive the anti-gay activists crazy - Jeremy Hooper makes a wonderful point. If anti-gay personalities and the groups were expecting a wide groundswell of anger against the SCOTUS marriage equality decision, they aren't getting it, particularly if one compares the anger they hoped to exploit with that of the lgbt community and allies when Prop 8 was passed. Now THAT was a groundswell of anger.

Why 'Gay Marriage' Is Dead but the Battle Just Became Much Bigger - Signorile, as usual, makes a wonderful point.
Op-ed: LGBT Work, Housing Protections Needed Now, Says NAACP Leader - Wonderful point and it is awesome that it's made by NAACP leader Julian Bond. That makes it an extra special point because of the recognition beyond of the lgbt community that these protections are needed.

 Franklin Graham: God May Smite Obama With Lightning In Gay Marriage Punishment - Frankie Graham is still angry over the marriage equality decision and he is milking it on his facebook page. There is the place where some of the anger resides. Folks on their butts commenting on facebook.

Louisiana Justice Refuses To Obey Supreme Court, Writes Opinion Implying Gay People Rape Their Children - The good news is that there was no ruling against the lgbt community here. It was an acknowledgement that Louisiana must obey SCOTUS on marriage equality. The supremely bad news is the fact that there are plenty of folks like this justice around in high office. It's definitely not over.
Kansas Recognizes Same-Sex Marriages — But Not Same-Sex Tax Filings - Gov. Brownback screwed up the state of Kansas. Did lgbt couples think they would escape his dumb hands?

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