Wednesday, July 22, 2015

'Writer says 'Christian persecution complex' is embarrassing fraud' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Writer Barry Dixon nails the message of this cartoon in his column.

Please Stop With The Christian Persecution Complex. You’re Embarrassing The Faith - This is one of those column which makes me jealous because it's so good I wish I had written it. 

This Dad Can’t Bring His 6-Month-Old Daughter Home Because He’s Gay - Excuse the hell out of me?!!  

Harrisonburg’s Eastern Mennonite University expands non-discrimination policy to include married LGBTQs - Wonderful!!  

Pastor Asks Governor Haley For The Right To Exclude LGBT People - This madness is the result of journalists who get paid handsomely to educate people NOT doing their jobs. One more time folks - CHURCHES ARE NOT REQUIRED TO MARRY GAY PEOPLE!!!!  

A Golden Girl’s Legacy Brings Hope To LGBT Youth - I always liked the late actress Bea Arthur. What she did for lgbt youth during her life and after she passed only cements my feelings about her.

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