Monday, August 24, 2015

'Anti-gay clerk honored for her homophobia' & other Mon midday news briefs

Kim Davis and how the right is using her to play us for fools.

John Oliver rips into anti-LGBT baker and urges Congress to pass national Equality Act - THANK YOU John Oliver for putting things in an uncomplicated, albeit vulgar, manner. 

Thousands rally for clerks denying gay marriage licenses - I am VERY reluctant to put this news brief in about Kim Davis. Why? Because my lgbt brothers and sisters (particularly my brothers) tend to respond in vulgar misogynistic matters. Listen, what this woman is doing is WRONG and you are correct be angry at her AND those who support her actions. We fought fair and square for marriage equality and won, period. But making fun of your opponent's physical appearance, her personal life, location, economics, etc WILL NOT win us this war. The fact of the matter is that Kim Davis is a PAWN. You really don't think that her course of action just popped into her head by itself, do you? She has, as well as folks like the Klein bakery and other phony religious liberty martyrs, have been manipulated and led by organizations who are using them to undermine lgbt equality. And part of that undermining is to get us so angry that we act like juveniles on the playground rather than adults who should secure what we fairly won. How do we win this? We recognize the difference between the pawns and the puppet masters (the Family Research Council, the Liberty Counsel, the American Family Association, etc.). Then we educate ourselves and EACH OTHER on WHY what Davis is doing is wrong. Most of all, we repeat constantly the fact that gay couples are the ones being discriminated against and deprived, not government officials like Kim Davis who doesn't want to do her job but expect to get paid for it.  And not those who want to bring back segregation, albeit on the basis of sexual orientation.  In this case, the lgbt community is NOT using our righteous indignation in the right manner and it's high time that we stop pussyfooting around and do it.

 On Republicans and their “religious liberty” - And reading this piece is a step in the right direction.

 The 4 Biggest Myths About Transgender Kids Used To Justify Denying Them Health Care - Pay attention. This is about our children.

 Is Ted Cruz Winning The Christian Nation Primary? - Another reason we should recognize the puppet masters. We got a demagogue on our behinds.


Unknown said...

Your advice is very wise and true. I think today most people, regardless of sexual orientation or religion, see these antics for what they are. It's hard to go wrong by avoiding the low road. Fight, by all means, but it's silly to give them ammunition to be used against us.

ERIK ATLAS said...

Thank you for reminding us the winning side shows grace under pressure. We're used to pressure! We can show grace in the face of this woman's "faith."

The sad sad thing is that she won't pay the price of this stunt. True Christians of faith have to spend time apologizing for her and saying they are not like her (if they get the chance to.)