Tuesday, August 04, 2015

'Child molester irony smacks anti-gay activist squarely in the face' & other Tues. midday news briefs

Klingenschmitt makes an error THIS big.

GOP Lawmaker Who Claims Gays Are Child Molesters Praises Activist With Child Molestation Convictions - A supremely ironic moment that no doubt Klingenschmitt won't take to heart. 

Homophobic couple wants to erect 1,000 billboards decrying gay marriage - Forgive me for being presumptuous but I really think this is something Jesus would NOT do. 

Trans People Are Using #TransHealthFail And It’s Making A Difference - Why I simply LOVE the transgender community. In this case, they took awful experiences and made them into something educational and positive.  

This Man’s Story Explains the Emergence of South Korea’s Anti-LGBT Movement - DISGUSTING! Sorry but that's how I feel.

 GOP 2016 Contenders Are Courting Erick Erickson, The Anti-Gay Pundit With A "Pattern Of Being Disrespectful To Women" - The LESS I say about this fool, the better.

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