Thursday, August 06, 2015

'TX AG faces contempt charges for illegal denial of rights to dying gay man' & other Thur midday news briefs

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

Texas AG Faces Contempt Charge for Not Recognizing Same-Sex Marriage - Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is already facing corruption charges. Apparently he wants to add to the charges by illegally being a complete drag to legally married gay couples. 

The Mistreatment Of A Dying Gay Man In Texas Goes ‘A Step Beyond Even Westboro Baptist Church’ - More details about the above. That Paxton is simply cold . . . "because of Jesus," no doubt. Of course Jesus would have probably healed the dying gay man, leading to a round of condemnation from Fox News and the anti-gay right.  

RNC nixes proposed anti-gay resolutions - Santa Claus just called, Dave Agema. No resolution about the so-called physical dangers of homosexuality for you.  

NFL includes sex between men as part of AIDS awareness - Wonderful idea. Of course it underlines the problem why it's difficult for gay men to get good health information. Anti-gay groups tend to lurk and corrupt, thereby scaring away folks.  

Social Conservatives’ Plan To Win The Culture Wars: ‘We Will Eventually Breed Them Out Of Existence’ - The joke's on them. Lgbts are created by mostly heterosexual families. HAHAHAHAHA!  

Religious Right Preacher: God Using Donald Trump And Fox News To Save America - FIX IT, JESUS! JUST FIX IT!!  

Voters Will Decide On Houston's LGBT Equal Rights Ordinance - By extreme crook, the opponents of this lgbt ordinance got their referendum. But they may lose it.

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