Wednesday, September 02, 2015

'Anti-gay leaders, conservatives not supporting Kim Davis' & other Wed midday news briefs

Dan Savage tells the truth about Kim Davis.

Why The Kentucky Clerk's Last Stand Won't Make Her A Right-Wing Hero - When both anti-lgbt activists Ryan Anderson AND Maggie Gallagher says you have gone too far, perhaps it's time to assess the stance you took, Kimmy dear. And the article, like several cute men I know, teases me by implying that at tomorrow's contempt hearing for Davis, the judge may have something not nice in store for her attorneys at the Liberty Counsel. Oh well, I can always dream. 

Dan Savage destroys thrice-divorced Kim Davis: ‘This is about someone hypocritically cashing in’ - Meanwhile, Dan Savage makes a very good point.

  14 Ex-Ex-Gays Paving the Way Forward - In other news . . . the best thing is that these 14 individuals are no longer buying the lie that being gay is evil.  

Transgender student uses girls’ locker room, causes controversy - So many battles to fight.  

"Gender Bender": The Troubling Way Fox & Friends Discusses A Transgender Student's Use Of Her High School Girls' Locker Room - Thank you Fox News. I can always count on you to make stuff worse than it needs to be.

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