Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Family Research Council's Tony Perkins doesn't seem to care that lying is also a sin

If you ask me, this Kim Davis situation seems to be making a 180 degree turn. The anti-gay right wanted to use her for a symbol of how lgbt equality would supposedly cause the suppression of Christianity. Not only did this prove to be false, but as it turns out, the more they exploit her, the more America sees the duplicitous face of the so-called traditional values movement.

A perfect example would be a recent interview that Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly conducted with the Family Research Council head Tony Perkins seen below courtesy of Right Wing Watch .

To put it nicely, the portion below went bad for Perkins and ended with him telling a HUGE lie about Kim Davis (which I took the liberty of highlighting):


Kelly: You know the argument on the other side though. What if somebody goes in there and says, my sincerely held religious beliefs and now we're back in 1952 say, blacks and whites shouldn't get married. And therefore, I don't care that the Supreme Court said it's legal, I object and therefore, no.

Perkins: Well, it's much different. You have a long standing orthodox view about marriage in the Bible. The issue of interracial marriage is very difficult to point to in scripture. Are there some that hold that view? Yes. But it is --

 Kelly: What about Muslims? What about Muslims who say, a Muslim man may not marry a Christian woman and therefore you applying to me on the Muslim clerck? I'm not giving you that marriage license.

Perkins: If -- are you saying if there is a Muslim and clerk that --

Kelly: The Muslim clerk says, I want a religious accommodation -- how many accommodations can we grant?

Perkins: Right. In this particular case. What you have are the voters of this district, of this region of the country that elected her as the clerk. If they don't like what she is doing they can kick her out. It is not up to some unelected judge to impose his views on her and hold her in contempt of basically whatever he wants.

Kelly: And she may yet be if somehow she interferes with future licenses to be issued by the deputies although it doesn't sound like she is going to do that if they changed the issue.

Perkins: Well, here is all she wants. All she wants is to have her name off the license. She is not saying nobody in my office can issue this. She's saying, I just don't want my name -- -

That is a huge lie. Perkins conveniently omitted that Davis DID say that other clerks in her office could not issue marriage licenses. Right Wing Watch supplied a link to a New York Times article which validated this:

Ms. Davis’s appearance before Judge Bunning, and her subsequent detention, was a signal development in a case that surfaced soon after the Supreme Court’s ruling in June. Faced with the ruling, Ms. Davis, an Apostolic Christian, directed her office to stop providing marriage licenses to any applicants.

Furthermore, now that Davis has been released, she has not indicated that she won't give the same order she did as before. However if she does, one clerk said he would not follow her order.

So the bottom line is perhaps Perkins should stop obsessing over the so-called sin of homosexuality and focus on his own deliberate sins.


Larry Brown said...

Bigots gonna hate. Bigots gonna lie. Bigots gonna do whatever it takes to shove their religion down our throats.

EvilI said...

He also completely ignored her question.