Thursday, October 01, 2015

'Columnist floats interesting theory on Pope, Kim Davis meeting' & other Thur midday news briefs

The Vatican needs to give answers about the Kim Davis meeting.

The Pope, Kim Davis, and the secret meeting - Lgbts have very good reason to be angry with the Pope right now after we all learned of his secret meeting with anti-gay Kentucky clerk Kim Davis. Personally I think there is more to it than that and the Vatican needs to start talking. On MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell last night, columnist E.J. Dionne gave his theory on how the meeting may have taken place. He claims it was pushed by a conservative Cardinal, the Pope wasn't actually aware of who Davis was, and American bishops were totally against the meeting. It would explain a lot of gaps in this story. However, until the Vatican starts talking, gaps are all we are going to have. 

Indiana GOP’s House Leader resigns after texting sexually explicit video of himself cheating on wife to everyone on his “Contacts” list - No doubt you have already heard of how stupidity led to the resignation of an anti-gay "religious liberty" proponent in Indiana. If not, enjoy. If so, still enjoy! 

Here's What It's Like To Grow Up Intersex - Fascinating story which I will think about every time some "person" says things like "God made man and woman and that's it." 

  Christian Town Official Attacks Gay Teen Denied Homecoming Date: WATCH - Not a physical attack, but still a nasty thing to do. Let me guess. The child was "persecuting" him . . .  

'Sweet Cakes' Bakers Defy Order To Pay Lesbian Couple - You lost! Now get up off the money.

Knowing LGBT History Is Knowing Yourself - It's LGBT History Month starting today. How much of our history do you know?


Scott Rose said...

In a first instance, I don't know why anybody takes seriously a figure whose organization alleges that masturbation is "an inherently and gravely disordered act."

But Francis has made no secret of his contempt for homosexuals in the past.

Some people for whatever reasons willingly delude themselves into believing that he is not a hateful anti-LGBT bigot.

His "Who am I to judge?" comment was said *only* about homosexuals in the priesthood and he only asked "Who am I to judge?" in regards to those priests who maintain celibacy.

Meanwhile in reality, the reason the question was raised at all was that his predecessor attempted to shift blame for the Church's child rape scandals onto homosexuals, and as part of doing that, Ratzinger said that homosexuals shouldn't become priests.

The scandal in the Church's child rape scandals, meantime, isn't that individual pedophiles molested children, but rather that Church officials, knowing of the molestation, failed to take appropriate action towards the protection of other children, and as a result more children were molested.

So the pope shouldn't be asking "Who am I to judge?" about gay priests -- he should be apologizing for the appalling attempts to shift blame for the Church's child rape scandals from Church officials to gay people as a class.

JCF said...

"The Vatican needs to give answers about the Kim Davis meeting."

About the Kim Davis meeting is the LEAST of the things the Vatican needs to give answers about! But if not even court orders can compel them to talk about child-rape, Good Effing Luck in getting answers re La Davis. [Seriously, how many airy-fairy things have you heard Francis say since becoming Pope, and I've thought, can't we just get an effing PRESS CONFERENCE? With follow-up questions and everything? So we can pin him down on SOMETHING? But his Holy Vague-ness just flies away (along w/ the meaning of his Kim Davis Confab)]

I'm just as furious about all the meetings that Franny DIDN'T have: w/ all the LGBT Catholics who sought a meeting---particularly to discuss why they keep getting FIRED for the "crime" of marriage.

Anonymous said...

And finally, some truth directly from the Vatican:
Davis was in a room with "several dozen" other people, the Pope new nothing of details about her situation and finally, most importantly, the meeting was not an endorsement of her.
Looks like Staver's at peak bullshit again.