Wednesday, October 07, 2015

'Danny Pintauro raising eyebrows with HIV claim, message' & other Wed midday news briefs

Danny Pintauro

The Problematic Case of Danny Pintauro - Since announcing that he is HIV positive, the former "Who's The Boss" cast member has been raising eyebrows in a negative way regarding some things he said as well as how he presented himself in the media. Just goes to show that our community need not anoint every lgbt or lgbt-ally celebrity as a role model, leader, or spokesperson. Perhaps choosing people with no spotlight works better than attempting to bogart spotlight already created.

Brian Sims announces bid for Congress - The first gay man elected to the Pennsylvania legislature. I've heard nothing but good things about him. I hope he wins because he would be a great addition to other lgbts in Congress. Also, it could inspire more of us to run. We cherish the fact that we work outside of the system. Being inside the system also doesn't hurt.

 On Savage Lovecast, Equality Matters' Rachel Percelay Describes How Fox News Turns Transgender People Into Villains - Wonderful interview!  

Huckabee: Pope Should Fire 'Elitist' Staffers Who Distanced Him From Kim Davis - Put a sock in it, Huckabee!  

Judge Tells Hobby Lobby To Stop Discriminating Against Trans Employee - They aren't going to like that. (Good!)

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