Tuesday, October 20, 2015

'Houston homophobes dial up crazy with extreme anti-transgender cartoon' & other Tues midday news briefs

Trailing In Polls, Houston Equal Rights Opponents Continue Desperate Anti-LGBT Ad Campaign - Folks who want the pro-lgbt ordinance in Houston to pass would do good to turn up the heat. We've seen this before. When the opposition is behind in the polls, they dial UP the crazy as the above video shows. And when the crazy is dialed up, ANYTHING can happen.

 LGBTQ Prisoners Are Routinely Targeted For Beatings, Rape, And Harassment, Report Finds - Just because some folks are in correctional facilities does not forget we don't forget them. Justice for all. 

Court upholds reprimand for airman who opposed gay wedding - This article highlights that often times when anti-gay groups bring up anecdotal stories of attacks on "religious liberty," they never tell us the entire story.

 Ted Cruz Welcomes The Endorsement Of Anti-Gay Hate Group Official And Radio Host Sandy Rios - Basic politeness keeps me from commenting on this one. . .

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