Monday, October 26, 2015

'VIDEO - SC Pride rocks the Carolinas in a good way' & other Mon midday news briefs

SC pride festival brings hundreds to Main street - Gotta brag on my people. South Carolina Pride happened last week and the festival Saturday was "off da chain" as usual. It's amazingly sad how much progress us Southern lgbts can make happen, yet we get ignored until an anti-gay character shows his or her figurative ass.

Letter to the Editor: Daily Gamecock Pride article offensive, unacceptable - Unfortunately there was ONE minor thing needing to be taken care of. Sometimes journalists have to be corrected when it comes to telling our stories. 

 How Hillary Clinton's and Bernie Sanders' DOMA Revisionism Harms LGBT Rights - Love 'em both but they have to come correctly about lgbt history. That being said, I still got my mind on the big picture and my shoulder to the grindstone when it comes to 2016.  

POLAND: Anti-LGBT Right Wing Party Takes Parliament - Because, as you can see, it don't look good for us in some areas of the world. 

 Texans Owner Demands Houston’s LGBT Opponents Refund His $10,000 Contribution - Just in case you aren't aware, THIS wonderful incident happened over the weekend.

  New Anti-Gay Initiatives In Europe Backed By American Religious Right - Meanwhile, the "Legion of Homophobia" continues its work. If doesn't prove that lgbtq equality is a global struggle, nothing else will.

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Jim Elliott said...

I have to say I found the letter to the editor at Gamecock more than a little presumptuous. The author seems to think he speaks for the LGBT+ community and while I agree with most of what he has said, he states he has only been going to Pride for 2 years. I have been going to Pride celebrations since 1972 (we called them Gay Pride Marches then), he should learn the history of Pride just as he states the editors and author of the original article should. There is an LGBT lifestyle which is separate from an LGBT identity / orientation. Yes, those who oppose equal rights for our community often use that term in a derogatory way, but we should own it.