Friday, November 06, 2015

'Ted Cruz dodges questions about appearing with pastor who advocates death for lgbts' & other Fri. midday news briefs

Sen. Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz Dodges Question About Appearing With Wildly Anti-Gay Pastor - Tell us AGAIN how lgbts are "persecuting," Christians again, Teddy. Before or after you appear with this "pastor" who openly advocates the death penalty for lgbts. 

How The Religious Right Learned To Use Bathrooms As A Weapon Against Justice - It goes back further than Anita Bryant apparently.  

Reform Jews: Transgender People Are Welcome Here - A positive far-reaching welcoming stance which should be getting more attention.

  8 Books That Don’t Sugarcoat Teen Sexuality - And these books ARE needed. You can't coddle teens with lies. 

 Lawmakers seek to help gay troops win ‘honorable’ discharges - It's wonderful to see members of Congress proving that they work for the people.

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John Powell said...

I know it's bad form but I will lump together the articles here into a few sentences of opinion.

I hadn't thought that, in my lifetime, I would see the enormous progress of our community. With a few, expected, exceptions, the marriage issue is settled. And, unless I am reading wrong, the Right is now reduced to knit-picking those items not explicitly covered already; and a few they claim are not.

Religions are learning that the 'We love you but God doesn't' rhetoric no longer works as expected. One at a time, those doors are opening.

Many conservative politicians,are still acting like they are being asked to empty the ocean with a tin cup. One or more of the Presidential Hopefuls, if I correctly recall, vow to find a way to write Biblical dictates into our laws.

Those making the most noise, seem to want to be seen as kissing as much booty as possible, all the while holding fast to their personal opinions; despite the rapidly changing attitudes of the people that put them in power.

Daylight is streaming into the tunnel. Getting brighter every day. Does the Right really believe they can turn off the sun?

Now, one off topic comment: Thank you, Alvin, for you time and effort to keep us informed. I don't post often, but, I enjoy your articles each time I see them in my news-feed.

Keep looking up, my friend.