Wednesday, December 23, 2015

'Bathroom bill lies hindering lgbt progress' & other Wed midday news briefs

This Kryptonite Argument Against Trans Rights Is Beating America’s Top LGBT Group - Kryptonite argument my ass. We've been here before and even way before the time I began blogging. The anti-gay right establishes a powerful talking point which is attuned to exploiting ignorance and fear (usually implying that lgbts will harm children.) We run around like scared animals due to our inability to defuse it. The talking point runs its course and we start winning again, until the new anti-lgbt talking point takes hold. We are like rabbits trembling under the shadow of a hawk. If I've said it once, I've said it repeatedly. We have to call out the totality of anti-gay talking points before we have to fight them in such things like ordinance fights. And yes, I am talking about coming out the blue and calling out the anti-gay industry for their lies with the goal of initiating a national conversation of anti-gay propaganda. We will look like the aggressors, but isn't it time for us to stop having to explain our lives and instead making the anti-gay industry explain their lies? 

New Mexico Lawmakers Seek To Legalize Anti-LGBT Discrimination With ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill - Batten down the hatches. We fixin' to have some fun.

 Ted Cruz campaign rally morphs into creepy ‘prayer revival’ so everyone can pray for him to be president - All I will say is that if I was there, things would have gotten VERY INTERESTING.

Ted Cruz's Two-faced Stance On Marriage - JUST on marriage?

 18 Stars Who Came Out In 2015 (But You Probably Didn't Hear About It) - Nice but I remain unimpressed a bit until black gospel singers start coming out en masse (no further comment)


Brad said...

You are spot on about confronting anti-LGBT lies head on. I agree that we need to stop running scared and call out these bigots. I'm so tired of the right-winger Christianists framing the questions and the debate. Our side always seems to be on the defensive. Where I live, we lost the first and second go round of same-sex marriage debates because of this very thing. Our local chapter of HRC was so timid that despite having a prodigious war chest to fight with, they came out with very weak defense. They had the attitude that we must be very careful not to offend, when the other side was pulling out all the stops and lying through their teeth. Keep up the good fight. Your blog is one of the better voices out there.

Anonymous said...

On this and so many other issues poiticians are sowing fear. They need to be confronted and called out. Why are they so afraid? Why do they want you afraid?

In Canada we had the Conservatives trying this tactic of fear. I was afraid it would work but luckily it didn't it was resoundingly rejected. People will actually repond to hope. Obama won on hope and appealing to peoples better instincts.

It also helps that reality is liberal and tolerant.