Monday, December 07, 2015

Kansas embroiled in HUGE gay adoption scandal - News Brief Special

Editor's note - Today's news briefs are devoted to a huge controversy brewing even as we speak in Kansas involving gay adoption. We cannot ignore this: 

  Topeka Child Abuse Case Raises Questions About Kansas Policy On Gay Adoptions - And this is the case that started it all. A heterosexual couple was granted custody of a child over a lesbian couple last year. The heterosexual couple has just been arrested on multiple accounts of child abuse.

Johnson County judge: Kansas agency conducted ‘witch hunt’ against lesbian foster parents - While investigating the above case, this 2013 sealed court ruling came out involving ANOTHER case with a same-sex couple.

 Schumm's father testified in landmark case on same-sex adoption - Something worth knowing - the father in the Topeka case who was arrested has a very interesting linkage to individuals who testify as "expert witnesses" against gays. His father, though not testifying in this particular case, has been called to testify against same-sex parenting in other cases, particular in Florida, where he was accused of "cooking his data." He also cites the discredited work of Paul Cameron. 

 Lawmaker calls for audit into anti-gay discrimination claims against DCF - As you can see, the situation has blown up into a huge controversy.

More same-sex couples accuse DCF of discrimination - We are talking HUGE. 

 Kansas senator criticizes media coverage of foster care and gay rights - And the opposition has been knocked on their behinds. 

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Glenn Ingersoll said...

It would be nice to see the anti-gays held personally liable for their nasty shenanigans. Criminally liable.