Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Anti-gay right rallies around Cruz in secret meeting - News Brief Special

Ted Cruz is the anti-gay right's candidate for president

Religious Right Leaders Rally Around Ted Cruz At Secret Endorsement Meeting - I think we can all call it official. Sen. Ted Cruz is THE candidate of the religious right for the 2016 presidential election. According to an article in the National Review (ew! ew! ew!), he was chosen by a large margin. 

Everything You Need To Know About Tony Perkins, The Man Who Brought The Religious Right To Ted Cruz - It gets worse, or rather more interesting. The man who convened the meeting in which Cruz was chosen was none other than anti-gay hate group leader Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council. 

 Those times anti-gay groups were caught lying about science and lgbts . . . - Reposting last night's piece, Cruz would fit right in with the anti-gay, scientific cherry-picking organizations in the anti-gay industry.  

Meet Ted Cruz’s ‘Secret Weapon’: An Old Man Who Wants to Scare the Hell Out of America - And WITH Ted Cruz, should he win, will come his father, Rafael. And this guy is to the right of Torquemada. Seriously, if he could, Atilla the Hun would send this guy a message from the grave telling him to lighten up. Of course, he is viciously homophobic.

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Unknown said...

Although all political gay bashing is of some concern, anti-LGBT hate groups endorsing Cruz for president is not much of a threat to us.

Cruz may be able to win the Iowa Caucuses and a few of the usual southern suspects, but beyond that he is Republican toast.

Remember that a state like New York, though certain to vote for the Democratic candidate for president, sends more Republican delegates to the Republican convention than do states like Alabama and Mississippi.

New York Republicans have control of the State Senate and lately have not made one motion to restrict gay rights within the state.

On a national level, given that a solid majority of Americans support gay rights, political gay bashing is a losing position.