Wednesday, January 13, 2016

'59 reasons why the fight for lgbt equality is not over' & other Wed. midday news briefs

President Obama
59 Anti-LGBT Bills Are Active Nationwide - Fifty-nine reasons to stop pussyfooting and start taking religious right groups more seriously than we are. These bills are coming from someone somewhere who is getting paid big money to cause all of this havoc. We need to recognize the main enemy of lgbt equality and it's NOT religion. 

GOP Lawmaker Moves To Ban Same-Sex Parents From Fostering Children With 'Family Structure' Proposal - Even AFTER the ruckus and controversy about discriminating against same-sex couples, some in Kansas are pushing this mess. We can't let our guard down for one minute.

  Creepy Virginia Toilet Proposal Could Require Genital Inspections, Critics Fear - And in Virginia, folks seem to be so scared of fictional trangender "predators" that they may be willing to expose their children to actual predators. 

 Obama's State Of The Union Speeches Show His Dedication To LGBT Rights - Yes, in spite of what some have said, Obama is committed to lgbt equality. A good question is what are we going to do after he is no longer president to continue to ensure our equality.  

Tony Perkins' Selective Posturing on Religious Liberty - When it comes to religious liberty, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council is a huge hypocrite.

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