Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Family Research Council's hypocritical money request about religious liberty

Tony Perkins
Tony Perkins and the anti-gay hate group, the Family Research Council likes to create alternate realities in which there are dark smoke-filled rooms of folks (mostly lgbts) plotting to destroy Christianity. It would be funny if they weren't so serious. Imagine waking up and reading the following in an email like I just did:

Christian faith forms the very foundation of America's greatness.

President Obama and others who want a society where religion is limited to the four walls of a church on Sunday need a lesson in American history. Biblical values and morality are not impediments to "progress" that need to be bulldozed out of the way. In fact, they kindle the light that makes America, in Ronald Reagan's words, "the shining city on the hill." President Obama is so focused on forcing his radical cultural agenda on America that he seems to neglect everything else. With ISIS terrorizing the world, our economy stalled, unemployment rampant, and our nation's borders vulnerable, he is obsessed with pushing gender-neutral bathrooms and accommodating those in the military who identify as transgender. The net effect of Obama's leadership, or lack thereof, in the next twelve months will have a lasting impact on the future of your family. Under President Obama, America is suffering less from a political crisis than from a moral crisis.
But "only if." 

Only if we allow President Obama and his allies on the Left to proceed unhindered.

Yes, their attack on religious freedom in the next twelve months will likely be very deliberate. In fact, the tip of their spear will be an attempt in Congress to force the deceptively titled "Equality Act" on the American people. This sweeping legislation, if signed into law by President Obama, would grant special privileges to those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. At the same time, it would strip Christians and others of their religious freedom and require them to comply with the LGBT agenda in many areas of public life under threat of the law. 

I wonder which "others" would Tony Perkins be talking about, seeing that he doesn't believe that religious liberty should apply to the Muslim community.

And that last paragraph is a serious hodgepodge of anti-gay talking points - "special privileges," "LGBT agenda," "religious freedom" ?

I was partially expecting him to go for the classic "recruiting children."

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Dale Snyder said...

"With ISIS terrorizing the world, our economy stalled, unemployment rampant, and our nation's borders vulnerable."

Four statements, four outright lies.