Monday, January 25, 2016

'Parents, students attacking new GSA' & other Mon. midday news briefs

Tennessee Parents Wage War On Gay-Straight Alliance, Compare Club To ISIS - Tennessee again. Progress is always met with resistance. Just keep pushing. 

Students Wear 'Straight Pride' Signs In Tennessee High School After Gay-Straight Alliance Formed - B comes after A. When the parents act foolish, why should we be surprised when some children copy their behavior. 

 Anti-gay right angry at Biden for speaking against anti-lgbt violence, persecution - Repeat of this morning's post for those who missed it. The title speaks for itself, unfortunately. 

 Bill would toss adoption preference for heterosexual couples - This would be a wonderful step in making sure that all children have good homes. 

 The Olympics Just Became Much Friendlier For Transgender Athletes - Good for the Olympics!  

This 'Kiki' Clip Picks Up Where 'Paris Is Burning' Left Off - This is one documentary I am waiting to see . . . 

 Kim Davis: God Chose Me To Stand Against Gay Marriage - This just in - God apparently looks like and sounds like Kim Davis.

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