Monday, February 01, 2016

'LGBT rights on the menu for Trump, Cruz in Iowa caucus' & other Mon. midday news briefs

Phil Robertson judges gays again
Phil Robertson: 'Rid The Earth Of' Gay Marriage Supporters - At a Ted Cruz rally, of course. And then he misquotes Thomas Jefferson. Not that it matters because no matter how many times you refute it, the so-called evangelical gullible will believe him out of spite. Much like they do with anti-lgbt propaganda. 

Trump toys with reversal on marriage equality: I’d appoint judges who would overturn it - Because apparently that is NOW prerequisite of being on the Supreme Court. Eh. I still don't believe him.

Gays for Trump: How the Log Cabin Republicans Were Deluded By a Demagogue - This is why the Log Cabin Republicans get no respect. It's not that they are Republicans that I have a problem with. It's that they are doing practically NOTHING to change their party from within. 

President Obama Opens Up About His Hope For LGBT Acceptance - Be honest. You are going to miss Obama when he leaves office. 

This Transgender Girl Scout Stood Up To A Bully By Selling Thousands Of Cookies - Good for her!!!!

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