Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Testicle transplants and dildos - 'gay cures' from the past and present

A man in China once believed that a ghost parrot was making him gay.

Aside from persecuting lgbts, Russia claims to be developing a sure fire way of "treating" us.

From Buzzfeed:

The Russian Ministry of Health is proposing new regulations that would mandate the creation of dedicated exam rooms throughout the country for the treatment of people with “gender identity disorders,” “disorders of sexual preference,” and pedophilia.

The recommendations are part of a package of amendments to rules that govern care for “mental and behavioral disorders” published last week on a government website where the ministry will take public feedback before putting the regulations into effect. The draft would require “sexology exam rooms” in psychiatric hospitals and primary care clinics where clinicians would counsel “patients with conditions related to gender identification problems… sexual disharmonies and deviations.” They would also be able to diagnose and treat “sexual deviations among children and youth” and “consult youth about their sexual education and knowledge of gender.”

The proposed facilities would also be a place to provide “forced treatment” when ordered by a court, which the regulation states is intended for cases of people accused of pedophilia.

 . . . The regulations specify that the sexology exam rooms must be equipped with “at least one dildo.” Though it is unclear why dildos were asked to be placed in the exam rooms, the Russian Society of Psychiatrists has in the past discussed using them to treat women who experience pain during intercourse.

So combine lgbts with pedophiles and use dildos on us. I'm sure Franklin Graham will continue to approve.

Strangely enough, in the history of people attempting to "cure" homosexuality, what Russia is doing may be nauseating but hardly the strangest thing. Unicorn Booty has chronicled at least six bizarre attempts in the past, including:

Many early 20th century physicians believed that male homosexuality was caused by a lack of testosterone. Therefore, they reasoned, giving gay men more male hormones would turn them heterosexual. But how could doctors accomplish this in the age before synthetic hormones? Scientists in Germany (where else?) came up with a solution: put dead heterosexual men’s nards in the bodies of gay men.

And then there is this:

 In Beijing, a man named Chen eschewed China’s more common gay “conversion” therapies (like electroshock) in favor of alternative medicine. After a consultation, the Chinese medical practitioner Zhong told Chen what was making him gay: Chen was being haunted by the ghost of a dead pet parrot. Of course.

For more details on these two examples and even stranger ones, you can read this article on Unicorn Booty on the six bizarre ways people tried to cure homosexuality.

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